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Wealth Wars :: Fright, Cheat, and Steal your way to wealth
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Total Wealth Wars Members: 66,518
Total Alliances: 2,493

Welcome to the NEW WEALTH WARS!!

We have now completed our changeover from wealthwars.com to www.wealthwars.net
We have implemented a range of changes to the site to include more cash prizes, better look and feel to the site and easier navigation.

Fight, Cheat, And Steal For Real Cash And Prizes!

Get ready to fight, cheat, and steal from the rest of the world! Thousands of Wealth Wars members log in every day to defend their base camps from mercenaries and alliances ready to take their hard stolen cash.

Gain strength through experience and become unstoppable by forming alliances with your friends. Friends don't stay friends for long as deception is part of the game play. So choose your friends wisely and beware, because even the strongest alliances can hold spies and snitches just looking for some free cash.

Travel through and land with mountains that hide prizes, cash, and certain demise. Wastelands, forests and swamps blanket the map slowing your travels in search for your enemies. Deserted bases and vacant armories give you free upgrades for the taking when no stores are accessible.

Learn more about Wealth Wars here or join now and let the fun begin!

Join as a new Gold Member and go into the monthly draw to win one of:
5 Prizes of $100
2 Prizes of $250
1 Prize of $500

** NEW **

Join as a GOLD Member before November 6th 2009 and we will automatically credit your account with $5.00 to get you started on your mission to fight, cheat and steal your way to cash and prizes!!

Special offer!!

Refer friends and make more money!!
We have just introduced our new referral program. We want more people to enjoy the benefits of playing Wealth Wars.
For any person you refer who joins as a Gold Member we’ll pay you.
Refer 1 person in each month – receive $1
Refer 3 people in each month – receive $5
Refer 10 people in each month – receive $15
Refer 15 or more in a month and receive $2 for each referral.

**AS an added bonus – any new Gold Member you refer who wins one of the Monthly Cash Prizes of $100, $250 or $500 – you will win the equivalent.
You will also earn $0.25 for each month your referral stays a Gold Member.

This is real money, paid directly into your PayPal account by the 10th of each following month.
** You must be a gold member to take advantage of this.